Mason’s Experience with Global Works and FES


This summer, I volunteered at el Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad (FES) in Granada, Spain, with a program called Global Works. FES is a community founded by a man from Spain who is determined to help his community, and Global Works is a camp program working closely with them in their Spain program. Everyone who lives there contributes to different work projects throughout the community, while also learning job skills that will help them upon departure from FES. FES supports them and lets them live in the community for free until they have the skills or income to support themselves. Their only living cost is the work that they do—work they’re happy to do; their hard work helps those who will come to FES after them.

The work we did was varied, but included working with the kids, teaching English, preparing meals and baking bread, gardening, painting some of their community rooms, and even creating a mosaic to go with all the other groups who have come to help them in the past.

This experience was very enlightening and very, very fun. The people living in FES were kind, helpful, and fun to be around. I learned a lot more conversational Spanish and I really began to understand both the culture in Spain and individuals’ experience. I would return there in a heartbeat.

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