Ishan Deb Summer Service

From August 2-6, I went to a service organization called Ankur Kala and did 22 hours of service. Ankur Kala is a non-profit organization established in 1982 in Kolkata, India. Ankur Kala helps many women who are abused and have no money, food, or rights. Ankur Kala takes these women in and gives them jobs, an education, food, and shelter. This organization is an all women organization, so it was hard to convince the women that I was not going to harm them, but by the end of my service, they all liked me and talked with me regularly. These women make jams and jelly, drinks, and mostly saris, which are India silk dresses that contain ornate designs. These women are not very educated however, and they can barely speak Bengali, and do not speak English. at Ankur Kala, the teach Bengali and English in one class, but the person who teaches English is not a native English teacher. What I did there is I thought them how to speak English and Bengali, as I can speak both. Ankur Kala was a great experience and I feel I made an impact on these women’s lives.


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