Bora’s Experience at LSC

I dedicated five weeks (July 7-August 10) of my summer to help out a non-profit in Jersey City called Liberty Science Center.

During this session, for the first two weeks, I was trained how to engage with large groups of people at exhibits, I learned valuable job skills, and learned a lot about science through doing a scavenger hunt in the first week. After these first two weeks, they sent us out onto the floors to actually start engaging with guests and making sure to make their days better for the money they paid. I had to address customer complaints, act promptly on task requests, and constantly be open to new situations on the floors and in the exhibits. Talking to groups of families, couples, school/camp groups, (of which there were so many) and disabled persons enriched my ability to feel comfortable immersing myself in a social job environment. On certain days, thousands of guests arrived, and these were the days where the volunteer work was stressful, but the feeling of accomplish regarding community service hours topped everything as worthwhile.

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