Sophie Luard–Summer at GO Project

Over the summer, I was an intern at GO Project, an educational equity non profit that serves students struggling in NYC public schools.  I made and distributed lunches to our seventy students and just helped make sure that the daily programming ran smoothly.  I spent most of my time distributing and putting together lunches which was a really interesting experience.  We had a list of all the students who were allergic to some thing and so when the prefab sandwiches arrived I had to take out the things that certain students could not eat–ei. cheese or the bread from the sandwich had to be swapped out for gluten free bread.  When I delivered the lunches to students with allergies or dietary restrictions they often could not understand what their allergy was and explained that they always had pizza at home so why could not they have cheese on their sandwich here.  It was hard to work to make them understand what an allergy is and what foods will make you feel sick if you are allergic, but a lot of students did feel sick after eating things that they were not supposed to.  All my work with food and nutrition at the program made me really aware of how complicated the issue of educational equity is.  It starts with food and nutrition and making sure that students feel good and healthy at school.  I hope that I was able to teach some of the students, even the very youngest ones, about how best to take care of themselves and I am super excited for Saturday program to begin in two weeks!

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