Summer Service with Seniors

Over the summer, I volunteered at the Hoboken Senior Center. For an hour a day (for the days I was available), I worked to prepare meals, set up dining rooms, clean closets, and get a chance to talk to some of the seniors who go to the center often. Although I didn’t get to volunteer for as long as I would have hoped to, I was able to talk to the seniors and form good bonds with my co-workers and even the seniors themselves. Cosmo was one of the directors of the center, and I talked to him the most out of anyone. He came to Hoboken from Italy when he was seven years old, is a die-hard Juventus fan, and an all-around great guy. When I finished my summer service on September 4th, he organized a ‘going away’ ceremony for me (with the seniors), and they got me a baseball cap and sweatshirt! I was truly stunned at the number of seniors who thanked me for my work over the summer. I had an incredible experience volunteering there, and I promised them I’d be back whenever I had the chance.

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