Tobago Trip

At the end of August, the boys and girls varsity soccer teams went to Tobago for our pre-season tour, tour around the beautiful country, and do service. On Wednesday, August 29th, the Friends Seminary soccer teams helped out in a soccer clinic for Tobagan kids ranging from 7-18. Even though it was incredibly hot the day of the clinic, I still enjoyed running around to completing drills with kids. After the technical and physical soccer training was done, we distributed clothing, cleats, socks, water bottles, and shin guards to the Tobagan kids. To me, seeing the smile on the kids’ smile and excitement when they received their new cleats was a highlight of the trip. Seeing how happy the kids were with their new gear made me take a second and be thankful for all the privileges I have. Hopefully Friends Seminary soccer teams continue going to Tobago and positively impact the kids there.  

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