Varsity Soccer Trip To Tobago

At the end of August, the boys and girls varsity soccer teams went on a weeklong trip to Tobago.  The trip had two main components; preseason training and service.  Firstly, we organized a soccer equipment drive before the trip began where we donated clothing, cleats, and other soccer accessories.  We donated some of the equipment to teams we played matches against; however, the majority of equipment was donated in a soccer clinic for the local kids aging from 5 to 17 years old.  At this clinic, we donated equipment and also ran through drills and games with the kids.  We all had a tremendous amount of fun and it was ultimately regarded as the most meaningful part of the trip.

Alexandra’s Experience at Church Street Music School

Throughout the summer, I worked at Church Street Music School with children. I was able to interact with children in a way that I usually don’t have a chance to, being an only child, and was surprised and excited to have bonded with them in such a short span of time. I also helped them learn to read music, and am glad to have been able to help them pursue a path in which they can explore music in further detail.

Roman’s Experience with Visions Service Adventures

Over the summer I took part in a service camp called Visions Service Adventures. I traveled to Montana, to the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. Over the course of the camp I participated in several different types of service activities, like working at the Boys and Girls Club, building workbenches at the Muddy Fire Hall, cleaning up trash at Crazy Head Springs, tending to the community garden, framing and drywalling an 8-by-20-foot wall at the Lame Deer Fire Hall, and more. It was an incredible experience that taught me many lessons about my culture, and the Cheyenne culture. Meeting the kids, eating the food, and listening to fascinating stories allowed me to see the world and society from a different standpoint.