Alexander’s Experience in Tobago

During my time in Tobago, I was exposed to new experiences and people.  While staying in Tobago, the Friends team bonded over both soccer and the experiences we shared off the field, such as meals and time spent outside.  On the field, our soccer tour playing matches against local teams demonstrated the communal quality of the sport and helped us to connect with the player base on the island.  Competition in soccer comes down to who is the better player and the better team, and in Tobago, this was no different.  The simplest form of the competitive spirit was what shone brightest on the field, breaking down any background differences and reducing us to players on a field.  Although beneficial, competing was not our only mission on our trip.  Along with this tour, we also donated soccer gear and led a conditioning and skills workout for local players.  In this way we were both giving back to the community for the hospitality we were greeted with and the unique experiences had there.  Players helped lead this skills workout without putting anyone but the coaches on a pedestal.  The workout was less of a vehicle for trying to put Friends players above local players, and much more so a vehicle for providing opportunities to both play and learn soccer to underprivileged youth in the community.  With its important service opportunities to help provide equipment for underprivileged youth soccer players, intense soccer matches, and the fantastic recreational time in between it all, Tobago remains one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had.

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