Internship at NYU: Jill Wong

This summer, I did an internship in the rheumatology department at NYU.  During this month-long period, I observed clinical work, filed papers, and shadowed doctors during patient visits in a professional setting.  This experience was very new to me – in the previous years I had only participated in volunteer work involving teaching students in a more casual setting.  I found great interest in reading about research being done as well as the process of adding patients to certain research projects.  Consent was something consistently brought up; it’s something vital to both patient security and comfort.  Consent was discussed personally between doctor and patient.

Clinical trials were quite different from one-on-one scheduled patient meetings.  The clinic was open for a few hours a day in which patients in a sense “waited” to be seen in the order in which they arrived.  The meetings were much shorter – multiple fellows reported information from tests to a more experienced and trained doctor.  After a summarization of the condition of the patient, the patient is visited briefly by the experienced doctor to insure that proper medication is assigned.  Overall, a very interesting and valuable experience.

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