Ahmed Asadi Summer Service

This summer I volunteered at the King Hussein and Noor Al Hussein Foundation in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (KHNHF). During my tenure, I worked with two of the seven institutions of the KHNHF, the Community Development Program (CDP) and the Institute for Family Health (IFH). I accompanied staff on their visits, provided logistic support and assisted trainers during the capacity building workshops and awareness campaigns.

I aided staff during their trip to Northern Ghour, which was part of the Poverty Pockets Empowerment Program of the CDP. The goal of the program is to provide the impoverished with means by which they may elevate their economic status. Mainly, the program connects them with a network of employers and aids them in the process of constructing a CV. With the rest of my time, I assisted the IFH staff during the World Population Day that was held in cooperation with the UNFPA for Syrian Refugees at the IFH locations in Sweileh, Amman, Jordan. I also had the opportunity to file, document and edit reports related to the project of promoting gender based violence (GBV) awareness and providing services to respond to GBV needs among Syrian Refugees, specifically women and girls.

Working with the refugees broadened my perspective with regards to the Syrian conflict. It was definitely more stirring to hear first hand accounts, than it had been to read articles while on a different continent. Also, while it was nice to see that the foundation I had volunteered with was taking active steps to aid the refugees, the institution itself was in shambles. I realized after my stay the importance of donations, even though one does not see a direct impact, the smallest of contributions really goes a long way. In all, I had a wonderful time, and managed to lend a helping hand to those in need.