Reuben’s Service Reflection

As a part of my out-of-school community service, I volunteered at 9C Community Garden. This Community Garden is on 9th Street and Avenue C and is one of the many community gardens in Alphabet City. There, I trimmed trees, which had dead branches that were likely killed by Hurricane Sandy. I put the cut off branches into bundles to be used for another purpose. With these branches cut off, the trees could grow larger.

I live very near this garden and I enjoyed volunteering somewhere in my neighborhood. Community Gardens are a big part of the East Village and I found it rewarding to help maintain one since it in turn helps beautify the neighborhood. It was also nice to do gardening because I could see the results of my labors right before my eyes. I also liked interacting with the members of the garden, seeing how close the garden has them. It was great to experience the inner workings of a space that I pass all the time.