Sammie Barkan’s Summer of Service

This summer I was an unpaid intern with Teach For America, and I worked in their National Office. This was the second summer that I worked there. I worked in the Admissions Department, specifically the selector impact team. They are in-charge of training the selectors, and then the selector choose the teachers. While working there, I took the selector training, became a trained selector (although I did not actually get to choose any teachers), did research on new technology that the team is going to use to create their training, and created and reorganized some of the slides used in the training.

My motivations for working with TFA have really changed over the past two years. I went into it with the goal of obtaining an internship and not much more. I new a little bit about education inequality, but it was not something that I though about often. After working there my views on the problem have completely changed. It is now something that I know a lot about and care passionatly about changing. Yes, I obtained the internship, but I gained a lot more than just community service hours. I learned all about a huge issue that our country has and the great ways that one organization is trying to fix it.

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Sammie’s Summer of Service

This summer I was an unpaid intern at the Teach For America national office. Teach For America take college graduates and trains them to be teachers in underprivileged schools and communities throughout America.  I worked in their admin department which is responsible for opening and renovating offices all over the country.  Because TFA is a constantly expanding organization they have a need for a department like this.  I had a few projects that I worked on. The first was that I sorted through thousands of photos and uploaded them to flickr. The flickr link was sent to all of the people responsible for opening up new offices and they used the photos as examples and ideas for what they want their office to look like. The second project was I made a furniture catalogue that was also sent to the people in charge of decorating the offices so they can order furniture for their office. My final project was i made a mood board activity that my supervisors will take with them when they do focus groups on what employees in a given office to feel like and what type of vibe they want it to have.  I also had to make sample moodboards.

Teach For America’s message really relates to the part of the Quaker Quotables quote speaking to equality “All are deserving of respect, no matter what our differences. When we respect the Light in ourselves and others, we encourage all to turn inward for guidance and truth.”  Teach For America believes that no matter where a person is from or what their background is they deserve a quality education.  Teach For Americas goal is to give everyone a quality education.  This is an organization whose mission is worth supporting.