My Spring Fair Experience

I volunteered to setup and help out at this years spring fair. I had to carry tables, inflate balloons, place chairs and more. At first, even though I was happy to help out, I became tired from all the work. I began wondering why I was inflating so many beach balls. But as the day progressed I started to see what our work was turning into. When we were done setting up the inner and outer courtyard looked amazing. I felt very satisfied to help create such a nice space for students and parents, however, I still had more work. The next day I got up early to work at the actual fair. When I got there it was quiet but an hour later the fair was very loud and lively. Everyone seemed pretty happy and having fun and I got to eat good cupcakes. I was glad to give back to the friends community.

Empty Bowls Project

Today I had a lot of fun creating a bowl for the “empty bowls” project at Friends. It was the first time I created a bowl and it was an amazing experience. I had the chance to design and shape every aspect of the bowl, to make it my own unique piece of art. It was a nice feeling because I was having fun and doing something that would contribute to helping others. People often think of community service as a job that they have to do but they fail to realize that it is possible to have fun and feel good doing it, and I realized that today. Thanks Empty Bowls!


Malik Bunton’s Coaching Experience

During the last few months of school I have worked with a 5th grade basketball team called the Brooklyn Kings. I have helped coaches and parents with pratice, teaching the kids basketball, and even mentoring then. The kids were great, I think I have learned more from them then they have from me! They were full of energy all they time, and a lot to deal with. Although they were rambuctious at times, they always knew when to settle down. I had a great experience and I look forward to doing that again.