Tyler Chonoles Synagogue Experience

A while back, I spent a night at my synagogue, B’nai Jeshruin, with students from the synagogue my age as well as students visiting from Israel. I talked with many Israeli students about their experience in New York, and how it differs from their lives in the Mediterranean. I shared my interests in Judaism as well as my contrasting interests with the Arabic language, and they had a lot to say regarding such topics. All of the students were incredibly kind, and the experience was truly heartwarming and humbling. Hopefully I will do something similar in the future. image

Tyler’s Service Reflection

This spring break, I traveled to Jordan with the Arabic class. Our trip was focused on the water scarcity epidemic in Jordan. We met with FOEME, Friends of The Earth Middle East, and their NGO, Abdul Rahman, the human database. He informed us of his ideas and beliefs about the future of Jordan and how it will obtain water. We practiced events such as role play with different people involved in the water proportionment of that area of the Middle East. I learned that Israel and Syrian Dams are reducing the amount of water in the Yarmuk River, which funnels into the Jordan river.  I enjoyed this trip so much, and I learned a ton about how Jordan is not receiving efficient amounts of water. I would like to thank FOEME so much for you information about the issue and the solution.