Scout’s Service Reflection

This September I participated in the People’s Climate March. With othner students and factuality, we made signs and posters displaying the type of change we wanted to see . Then we all marched together.

This process was an unbelievable education in the art of protesting. It give me insights  on how to effectively and peacefully work towards justice. It was such an incredible experience to be part of a community so dedicated to bringing about the world that ought to be. image.

Scout’s Service Reflection

Over the summer I worked with a  non-profit organization, Save the Children, to help recover after the damage of Super Storm Sandy. In my time with Save the Children I worked in the field and from the headquarters in Brooklyn. In the field I would visit child care facilities to asses the damage and  determine to what extent the organization could reimburse the sites. One major project I worked on in my time with Save the Children was an IKEA giveback event. IKEA worked with our office to donate needed equipment to damaged child care facilities. The shipments went out and were assembled to numerous sites in all five boroughs in one day. My time with Save the Children opened my eyes to the great ripple effects just one child care facility closure has. Additionally I now have a wider perspective on how to managea team in the face of a disaster. Save-the-Children_0

Scout Eisenberg’s Service Reflection

One service experience that stood out to me this year was mentoring a group of middle school students with Cynthia. We took the group to Chelsea Piers. At first the small group of middle school students and mentors were very shy around each other.  However once we got to the bowling rink they started to open up to us. Over bowling we were able to talk about school, interests, friends and much more. I found this experience so rewarding because it is rare, as an upper school student, to interact with younger students in such a comfortable environment. This service brought both my peers and myself closer to younger students in our community, while still having a good time.