Luke’s Service Reflection on the HOPE count

The HOPE (  count is an event that happens one day a year each year in order to really understand how many people are properly living on the streets. It works in correlation with the Department of Homeless services so as they can get an idea of how many people need to be helped out. After an hour long training at PS41, the count starts at midnight. In order to get the numbers right, groups have to meticulously ask everyone they see if they have a place to stay that night. Groups have to be especially strict as the whole survey relies on the volunteers’ work.

The HOPE survey was an incredible experience because it really made you see the amount of people that were properly living on the street as well as miserable the conditions were. The experience was made by the fact that we were interacting with real people on the street as oppose to looking at numbers on a screen. Although the count provides the city with priceless information, it is interacting with the people on the street that really made the experience valuable, and real. It felt like real, hardcore service work that was really helping not only the city out but also the people who lived on the street.

TUSK Charity Auction Dinner

Tusk is a non-profit organization/charity that focuses on helping endangered animals in Africa; more specifically, it focuses on saving rhinos and elephants in  Kenya. For my service event I helped out at the auction event located on Debrossess and Hudson, down in Tribeca. I sold various TUSK paraphernalia for about 3 hours during the event. I helped raise money for the charity by selling the TUSK items. In addition to this, I spoke about numerous paintings at the event that were being sold at the auction. The charity is very well-run and I enjoyed working for them…

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