Remy Porsella’s Service Reflection

For my service outreach, I protested police brutality at the Millions March NYC in response to the Eric Garner “not guilty” verdict. We began at Washington Square Park and worked our way down Broadway to City Hall, the Mayor’s office. My friends and I were outraged at the failure to indict the responsible officer for his apparent disregard for human life. Along with thousands of others, we marched and chanted.┬áSeeing hundreds of police officers stand by, powerless, forced to listen to the outrage of the community was not only cathartic, but also meaningful. This experience exemplified meaningful service to me as everyday citizens worked together in order to enact change. Social justice is not achievable without teamwork and community. This march brought together people of all ethnicities and socio-economic statuses for a common cause.

Remy Porsella Service Reflection

For my service outreach, I volunteered as a baseball coach at Pier 40. Pier 40 is a baseball camp aimed at children age 6-12; it has been providing excellent opportunities to foster and help cultivate the talent of many young athletes over the years, including me. I went to the camp for 4 years. I still go there several times a week because my baseball team practices there, so I have formed many meaningful bonds with the staff there. Sadly, Hurricane Sandy had a horrific effect on the facility because it is literally on the water. It took 6 months and copies fund raising before the pier opened again, but it was still in a tenuous position. Funds were very limited. So, I decided to volunteer as a coach to ensure that the great tradition was upheld. I think that Pier 40 allows for young kids throughout the city to hone their skills, get exercise, and form lasting memories. My weeks as a coach to the young kids was extremely meaningful to me. Not only did I have a great time mentoring these young children but I also felt that they learned a lot from me. That was in August. Pier 40 is still on its road to full recovery, but it’s in a much better state now. I hope to volunteer again this summer too.