The Mask We Live In

In early May, I attended a screening at school by the feminist club of the film The Mask We Live In. It was a truly eye opening and critical film to watch. It delved and really analyzed the idea of societal masculinity. I always considered myself a feminist but I don’t think I totally understood how rooted in society the idea of being tough or hard without emotions really was. Its engrained in myself as well, which was something that was difficult for me to grasp and the film led to very much introspection on my part. I really hope these types of discussions can continue not only in my life but at friends as well, even if I am not there to participate in it.

Around the World Day

This past April, I volunteered at the Model UN booth at Around the World Day. Around the World Day is an annual event held by RAAD that raises awareness about different cultures from around the world. Students gather together to share their cultures and expose the Friends community to a variety of traditions, foods, etc. At the Model UN booth, I hoped to both raise awareness about the club, as well as the social, cultural, and political issues that it discusses on an international level. Around the World Day has always been a great experience for me and the Model UN team and I am glad that I got the chance to participate in this event.


Alumni Weekend

On the weekend of May 13, I had the pleasure of volunteering to help out with the Alumni reunion. I was able to meet many different alums who told me some great stories about their time at this school. It was interesting to hear how much the school has changed over the years and great to see alums reactions when I would tell them about a new feature of the school. I was not sure what to expect when I signed up for this, the Alumni Reunion proved to be and enriching experience and I was able to meet some pretty great and interesting people.