Camille’s Experience with Earth Matter

For my last out of school service experience at Friends, I decided to go with a couple other students to volunteer all day Saturday, April 30th, at Earth MatterĀ . We took a ferry from South Street to Governor’s Island, which was onceĀ home to the Coast Guard. Earth Matter is a program where volunteers can go and work to help promote local composting of organic waste to create healthy soil. For the first part of the day, I was working in the chicken coop, cleaning up their old food, putting down wood chips, and then giving them new food. The chickens at Earth Matter do not eat feed like other chickens but eat compost materials that are brought to Governor’s Island. We also cleaned up the chicken roosts so that the chickens had a clean place to sleep that night. For the second part of the day we finished cleaning the rest of the roosts, built a nest box for some of the chickens, and planted beets in a small garden plot. We also were fortunate enough to be able to learn about how Earth Matter turns compost into usable soil. This experience was very interesting in conjunction with the Environmental Science class that I am taking. It was great to see first hand why composting and choosing environmentally friendly options is important for the Earth.

Camille’s Service Post

During the month of May, my history teacher, Kristen Fairey, asked our class to research an area around the school and create a walking tour based on this research. I, with two others, chose to research Irving Place and give the tour on a Saturday at around 12:00. Parents and students alike signed up for our tour, where we investigated the history of Irving Place and the person whom the street was named after, Washington Irving. We all learned useful and interesting tidbits about the different buildings that line Irving Place and we were able to show our knowledge through the walking tour. It was a really fulfilling feeling to be able to bestow information that we had learned upon the community.

Camille’s DRA Experience

This year I had the privilege to participate and choreograph for Dancers Responding to Aids. I had the opportunity to incorporate my love of dance into helping and benefiting the great organization DRA. I loved being able to choreograph for the dance concert because I felt like I made a great contribution to not only the Friends community but the larger organization of DRA. Although we don’t get to directly come into contact with the organization itself, it felt good to be able to raise a lot of money to give them. I cannot wait to participate in DRA again next year.