Service Day at the Pantry by Chi Ossé

This years service day was a lot of fun and very enjoyable. Me and my advisory as well as another advisory went to Harlem where the NYC common pantry resided. We were packing and stacking various diferent boxes of grains, fruits, and many other various food groups. This was a great experience because we fed so many different families that could not afford food. What I enjoyed most was the fact that we were all working together for a great cause. It was a lot of fun and we all definitely realized (or at least I realized) that extra hands for a good cause is always great. This service day was super fun, enjoyable, and helpful.

Chi Ossé: Helping Out at the Dandelion School

When I went to China for spring break, we went to a school in Beijing where children of migrant workers would attend. The school was small and in a very remote place within the city. When all of us went there we all had different tasks to do with the children. We played games, taught them some English phrases, and showed them music from our country. It was really nice because by the end of the day the children basically fell in love with us. We formed a connection with each other and I realized that service brings people together. We also did some chores there too to help out around the school.