Olivia’s In-School Service Reflection

For in-school service this year, I helped Geny make college packets for the Juniors and graduation packets for the Seniors. I sorted through packets to ensure that everybody would get one, and replaced sheets of paper that provided incorrect information. Although these tasks seem relatively simple, I had not realized how much time and effort goes into creating the packets. Every student needs to be given enough information about a certain event, like graduation, so that they are well informed and know exactly how and when the event will occur. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to help Geny, as doing so gave me a new perspective of how much work is needed to accomplish seemingly straightforward tasks. I learned to not take the process for granted; rather, I am extremely grateful to everyone who has helped make the college process for me and my peers much more manageable.

Olivia Paluszek’s In-School Service

For my in-school service I did a walking tour with the GO Project. I, along with my group member, took a group of four or five kids around the Washington Square Park area to teach them about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The tour was an hour long and consisted of about six locations. In each location, we explained to the kids the significance of the fire and how it took place. We focused on both the fire itself and its aftermath. Overall, working with the GO Project was a really fun and stimulating experience and I am glad that I got the opportunity to share my knowledge of the fire with young kids.