Charlie’s Big Love Weekend Service Opportunity

On Saturday, February 20, I took part in God’s Love We Deliver’s Big Love Weekend where over two hundred people were signed up for a full day of yoga classes. All proceeds went to the God’s Love We Deliver organization. I arrived to the venue at 9:30am and after a brief orientation of what our day entailed, I, along with three other students, acted as a greeter. My role included getting people to sign waivers in case of any injuries as well as for media release purposes. I also directed guests to where they could check in. After all of the guests arrived, our next task was to pack lunches for them. This consisted of forming an assembly line and packing sandwiches, protein bars, and chips into boxes and laying them out on the table.

I enjoyed this service opportunity as I got to interact with new people, all of which were there to support a worthy cause, God’s Love We Deliver. I really enjoyed acting as a greater, and once a system was developed, packing lunches proved to be more fun than expected.

Charlotte’s Reflection: An afternoon with Head Start

Earlier this year, I went to the Manny Cantor center where I, along with several of my peers, volunteered with the Head Start organization. Head Start aims to provide an education to those who would not otherwise be able to afford one. After arriving at the facility, we were split up into groups that went to different classrooms. I was in a classroom with students aged from 3-4 years old. The first thing we did was sit in a circle and introduce ourselves to the group by saying our name and favourite colour. After, we helped bring out building blocks and markers for the children to play with. I spent a lot of time making different buildings and drawing flowers! We continued to play until the students were picked up by their parents. We were all sad to say goodbye to our buildings and new friends, but after the classroom was all cleaned up, I, along with the other volunteers left.

It was really fun and interesting to be on the other side of the classroom for once. Usually, I am the one who gets help and learns from my teachers but for a short amount of time, kids were looking up to me to provide them with new information and fun activities. I also got to know the other teachers in the classroom. This experience allowed me to develop relationships with both children and adults in an unfamiliar environment. I am excited to return and see the students and teachers once more!

Charlotte’s Service Day Reflection

This year, the eleventh grade took a trip to Bronx’s meat packing district where we spent the morning packing assorted meats into boxes. The boxes each had to be filled with 25 pounds of meat and placed onto a platform with other boxes. There were different stations; some people were responsible for folding up boxes and labeling them according to their contents, others put meat into boxes while students sealed the boxes and carried them to a platform. The goal was to box as much meat as possible. The food was going to food pantries that are responsible for 400,000 meals daily.

This was truly a memorable service day. As a group, we helped serve over 10,000 meals. On the bus ride back to school, we were all impressed with our hard work and knew that we had helped make a difference. This experience made me truly appreciate all of the hard work that people do daily to help their communities.

Charlotte’s HELP Dinner Experience

Earlier this year, I attended the HELP dinner which was an organised event to interact with young adults from a nearby group home. I assisted in the decoration of the cafeteria as well as cooking the meal which we ate all together. I found this service opportunity to be very enjoyable as I got to interact with other teenagers who live in the same city as I do. While we ate dinner, we talked to each other about our friends and what music we liked as well as which sport teams we supported. After dinner, as cookies and sweets were handed out, we played a group game of pictionary which ended up being the central source of amusement for the night as people were excited by what they would draw next. Overall, this was a really fun service opportunity as I got to cook a meal with my friends and then get to know other people my age as we all ate together.