Malik’s Connect With AFSC

This summer I had a blast doing service. I learned all about the prison industrial complex, mass incarceration, and solitary confinement. These are all dense issues that I learnt about with other highschool and college students. It was a transformative experience because the entire time I didn’t feel like I was doing service. I was learning new things everyday and then putting what I learned into practice. We ended up making a couple of public service announcement videos and documentaries to raise awareness about the issues. The work I did with AFSC allowed for me to get engrossed in the issues and to learn as much as I could while simultaneously putting the knowledge to action. I got to meet so many different people all working for and learning about the same issue. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I would encourage anyone to definetly learn more by going to

Malik Fights Hunger With Ham and Lots of It

During Service Day this year I had quite the experience. My grade was supposed to do service that helped fight hunger and I felt like this would be interesting. It was the knowledge I gained that is. The work was tedious. We packed more ham than I could’ve imagined. I never want to eat ham again. Yet at the end of the day I felt like we accomplished something and that the day was a success. Then we came back to school to watch the movie on hunger and I was distraught. It made everything I did seem obsolete. It let me know that the way we fight hunger will never work. It let me know that great changes need to be made because what we do now is only a temporary solution. This made me sad at first but as I thought about it I realized this movie shows that people are aware of this problem though. And then I thought because I watched I am one more person aware who can go out into the world and make other aware.