Aminahs back to school night service 2016

I’ve always loved participating in back to school night. The week before I always tell my mom how excited I am for her to meet my teachers and get a sense of my daily schedule. In the past years, I’ve been a bell ringer where every ten minutes I run around the hallways signaling for the parents to move to their next classroom. This year however, I was a greeter! For some reason when I received Denmans email with the job assignments I was so excited to be greeting people in the lobby. I loved saying hi to all my friends parents and to my mom when she walked in. I felt proud to share what the students do with the parents. My favorite part was helping lost parents around the school. It was actually a lot of fun trying to explain where a classroom was. It also surprised me by how much I knew about the school when parents would ask random questions. Afterwards, I was engine my upset that I won’t be able to attend back to school night again at Friends.

Aminahs summer service 2015

Last summer, I went to Amherst to a service camp for two weeks. Each day we did a complete different activity which kept everyone extremely interested. On the first day, we went to a farm and pulled weeds and help wash the freshly pulled vegetables. We saw the entire process from start to finish of how the vegetables are grown and then sent to the markets. The next day we went to a food bank and organized all the food sent in. If a box is slightly damaged from a supermarket, the location we worked at takes those items, repackages them and then are sent to homes in need.

My favorite activity was on the last two days of the program. We created little stuffed animals that would be sent to sick children in the hospitals. Knowing how much the children would appreciate the stuffed animals, everyone in my camp worked super hard and carefully to make the cutest animal.  Continue reading

2015 summer reflection

Last summer, I volunteered at my summer program at a farm, factory, and a sewing workshop. At the farm, we picked weeds, washed and peeled onions, and learnt about how the food is distributed. It made me consider how much work is put into the food we eat today and how we should appreciate it more and not take it for granted. At the factory, we labeled and put frozen food items into separate categories to make the process easier for the other workers to place and transport the foods. Again, we noticed how much of a process there is in each thing we make or eat. On our last day, we made little monsters or bears and stuffed them to give the children at a local hospital. While making toys for other children, our drive was stronger and we put more effort and care in each stuffed animal we made. I liked this activity the most because it was a direct connection to the children, and I can imagine how happy they would be to receive a sweet gift while sick in the hospital.

Aminah’s Service Reflection

               Our social issue for the YPI project was helping children in poverty. After researching, my group discovered that there has been a significant increase of children living in poverty in NYC. The Association to Benefit Children (ABC)  is a program mainly located on the upper east side, which provides help for families in poverty. ABC has a variety of programs from teaching languages to providing housing for families with Aids. ABC also has many preschools that incorporate games and music into their lessons to make it fun for the children. Most of the workers are volunteers including people who attended their schools as children. I was happy to be able to learn about ABC.

              The hardest part of the project for me was the presentation. Because we visited ABC, its hard for the judges and our peers to really understand what the experience felt like. It was also hard to choose what to say about each slide to explain the organization clearly. We also struggled with choosing what information we wanted to share the most in the limited time of ten minutes. My favorite part of the project was our site visit. I loved learning about ABC, but it was even better to physically see how much help there is for the children if they need it. One way that I can  stay engaged with ABC is by volunteering at their Open door program on Saturdays. Every Saturday, anyone is allowed into their building to play games, learn languages, and receive food if in need. I really enjoyed this project because it really opened my eyes in a good way and made me realize how much help is available for anyone in need.