Asa Glass Service Reflection

On May 28 I went into the Boro Park Counseling center to work with the Jewish board by assisting with their event to decorate cookies with families at the clinic. While my work wasn’t too much at the clinic, it was refreshing to see children enjoying themselves doing cookie decorating at the clinic, and gave me the idea that clinics don’t simply have to be the place where kids are helped with their physical and mental needs, but it also can be a place where they can simply be kids, allowing them to enjoy themselves while simultaneously getting the treatments they need from the clinic.

Epidemiology Reflection #1

Our group was tasked with finding a health issue within the Bronx and creating a facility in order to help towards this issue. My group decided to focus in on the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which proved to be statistically inconsistent in regards to how much people consumed, especially in Kingsbridge, Bronx. In the process of finding the statistics of fruit and vegetable consumption, I realized the importance of looking at the data as a whole, as opposed to looking only at a particular year, as distinguishing between the two greatly affects whether what you’re researching may actually be an issue exclusive to the area or not. I would pursue this further, but I would do further research as I believe issues such as food consumption are simply underlying byproducts of larger issues that exist within a city, or even an entire society.

The Service Day to End all Service Days

In the depths of Staten Island, a great battle begins. The bushes stand in my way, but I perservere. The thorns tear at my arms, but I press through, because the fertilizer must be spread. It hurt a bit, but my will to garden and help the spread of nature was stronger. As I lurk under the bush, forcing my way through the twigs and thorns, and energized by the will to help I am filled with DETERMINATION.

Asa’s Service Reflection

For our YPI project we visited BRC, where we interviewed Muzzy Rosenblatt about the organization and its mission. During the interview I got a more in-depth explanation on the causes of homelessness and its effects, and in doing so I realized that homelessness is far less avoidable than it seems, and I learned that normal sobering doesn’t always help people get out of homelessness, rather it may just create a cycle where they just end up where they started again.