Michael’s experience at the Climate March

I participated in the climate march a few months ago in Washington D.C. Many of us had made posters and brought them with us on the busride down to Washington D.C. There, we joined thousands of other people to walk around the white house and chant or raise our signs to say that there needs to be change in climate policy because global warming is a legitimate concern that seems to be trivialized right now.

Go Project

Last summer, I spent about 6 weeks working at the Go Project as a Go Getter. Everyday, I taught 6th graders science. I was a teacher’s assistant and we taught earth science. Many of the students struggled to understand some of the material, but we were able to help them out. Some of them would get frustrated with the work and throw a fit, but I learned to deal with them. They were also a lot of fun outside of class, like in our morning meetings, where we played games and got to know each other really well. We also talked about racial inequality, especially in education it he afternoon, which was enlightening to learn about. Lastly, I taught a 1st grade class in the afternoon, which was a lot of fun. overall, I learned a lot about what it means to be a teacher and I learned to be more patient.

Michael Kwan’s Summer Service Reflection

This summer, I helped out with an organization called NYCares. I worked with a group of about 10 students and helped out various New Yorkers across Manhattan. Every week, we would do a different type of community service. On the first week, we delivered food to the elderly as a part of a program called Meals on Wheels. This was designed to provide food for people who were physically unable to get out of their house or didn’t have the money to buy food for themselves. The following week, we went to a hospital and kept the children busy by doing arts and crafts with them while their parents were with the doctor. Then, we had another arts and crafts day at a center for elderly. On the last week, we went to a homeless shelter and organized clothes that were donated. We categorized them into business clothing for job interviews and casual clothing. This was an amazing expereince because I got to meet many new people in NYC and I learned a lot from the New Yorkers, especially the elderly because they had many amazing stories to tell.

Michael’s YPI Service Reflection

Michael Kwan
Jamie Lieberman
World History
May 8, 2014
These past few months, I have been focused on the social issue of a lack of quality education for less privileged students. This is a prevalent issue in society today, which especially resonates with me because I understand how hard it is to find great schools like Friends Seminary. I am extremely lucky to be here on financial aid. Throughout this project, I have grown more optimistic about the future of children around NYC. As my group was searching for possible social issues to learn more about, we stumbled on multiple sites aiming to resolve the lack of education in NYC. We plan to continue advocating for education in NYC by continuing to talk about this issue because this issue is far from being resolved yet. By spreading awareness, it may be tacked even faster. It would be a shame if we did not follow up just because we didn’t get the $5000 grant, because this is more than just a history assignment.
I found that there were some easy sections and harder sections on the project. The easiest step would probably be the research because all I have to do is search something and click on links inside the Door’s website to find all of the statistics and programs that I wanted. However, the hardest would probably me compiling the presentation and presenting. We argued about which information we could omit and what videos to put into the presentation. We wanted to have a perfect balance of pictures and text so that the audience does not get bored by the text, but are also learning. In addition, keeping the audience intrigued was even harder as everyone was trying to advocate for their own social issue. I loved how everyone wanted to get the $5,000 for their organization and make NYC a better place. Finally, I should mention the site visit. I do not think it was easy or hard, rather, it was lots of fun and rewarding. I liked that when I went to the Door, the Door was like a playground community- a safe haven for students from all over NYC to learn and do HW.

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Michael’s Experience with ParksNYC at Chelsea Park-9/11 Day of Service

The Class of 2017 spent Sunday volunteering as a way to honor all those who served  during 9-11.

This was a really enriching experience for me.  At this event, over 70 parents and students gathered to help out. I got to plant some shrubs with some of my classmates, and had a great time. I was still a new kid, then, and meeting my classmates outside of class helped me meet a lot more people and learn some more names. Everyone was extremely eager to help out, and I feel happy to be a part of such an amazing community of students at Friends. I cannot wait to go back and see the difference that I have made when they are all grown up.