Lucas Pryor’s Summer Service Reflection 2016

Over this past summer I went on a six-day trip to Tobago with the rest of the boys varsity soccer team.  This was one of my most favorite trips I have taken.  Besides from being able to explore the country, have fun in the caribbean sea, and play a lot of soccer, we partnered up with the organization Kleats for Kids.  We all collected as many used cleats as we were able to fit in our luggage and bring to Tobago, and we brought them with us.  At these clinics, the players participated as leaders as we took the children through drills that we do as the varsity soccer team.  At the end of these clinics we gave out our cleats to the children so that they would have better equipment to use when they play.  Being able to help the local community grow in a facet of life I am passionate about made the trip feel all the more worthwile.

Lucas Pryor’s Service Blog

on Halloween last year I participated in the annual Friends Seminary soccer tournament. We brought canned foods as our ticket to go, but we also played in the tournament. I made the semifinals with my friends, and we all dressed up in floral shirts as a uniform. It was a great feeling to do what I love, play soccer, and to encourage others to donate foods at the same time.  I look forward to doing it again! Maybe I’ll win next year.

Head Start by Lucas Pryor

During the winter time I went to one of the Head Start schools on the Lower East Side with other members of the Head Start activity.  We were split into two groups, and each group went to a different classroom.  All of us talked to, read to, or played with the children in our group. I mostly drew with some of the kids, as I enjoy drawing, and it was fun to see what they were drawing.  It is important to me to give these children an opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t have. I believe having enough attention as a young child is pivotal in that child’s growth, and Head Start was a way to provide that.  It was especially fun to do the service with friends.

Lucas’ Experience at Sanctuary for Families for YPI

The social issue that my group decided to research was domestic violence, because it related to all of the issues that my group members wanted to work on.  The organization we chose was Sanctuary for Families, because it covered all of the aspects of domestic violence my group was concerned with.  When the project first started in early February, I was not too heavily invested in it.  This was because the end of April seemed very far away, and because I had not learned much about my social issue yet.  However, over the course of the project, I definitely cared about domestic violence more and felt like winning the $5,000 prize would be great to raise awareness about it.  However, I believed that even if we didn’t win, it was worth it to make a good presentation to raise awareness about it regardless.  Even though in the end my group did not win, I was happy with the result because I feel like my group and I educated the people watching us about our social issue.

There were many aspects of the project which were challenging, like organizing a site visit and splitting the work evenly between everyone.  However, the most challenging part of the project was definitely speaking about the issue and making sure people knew that you cared about your issue.  It was easy to know what to say for each slide, but it was much more difficult to talk about your social issue and make everyone believe that your issue was the most important.  I had to practice all of my slides a lot in front of my parents and group members in order to feel confident that people watching my presentation would feel just as engaged about the social issue as I was.  During the final presentation I felt that I had done a good job practicing and conveyed my opinions about the issue well to everyone watching.