Ginger’s Summer Service Reflection

This past summer was my third summer shadowing a cardiologist at RUSH hospital in Chicago. My work this past summer was similar to in recent summers- I watched a lot of angiograms and spent time in the patient center. Unlike in previous years, this past summer I was able to observe more complicated surgeries, including a seven-hour CABG (coronary artery bypass graft). Additionally, I did rounds in the Coronary Care Unit with a team of cardiologists, fellows, and pharmacists. It is particularly meaningful to be able to see the relationships between doctors and patients at RUSH. Similarly to last summer, it was interesting to see how cardiac medicine has progressed in the year since I had been there last. It is really fascinating and rewarding to be able to gain some insight about such a fascinating and evolving field.

Ginger’s Summer Service Reflection

For the second summer, I spent a week shadowing a cardiologist at Rush Medical Center in Chicago. Similarly to last year, I spent time in both the cath lab and in the patient center. In the cath lab, I watched a plethora of angiograms. It was interesting to see how medicine has evolved over the course of a year, as the standard spot of catheter insertion during an angiogram had changed from being inserted into the femoral artery to being inserted into the radial artery. Being in the patient center, I was able to talk to a diverse range of patients and I was given a much better insight into bedside manner. Unlike last year, I had the opportunity to spend time in the echo lab, stress test lab, consenting patients, and watching non-operating room procedures. I acquired a much deeper knowledge of the different facets of cardiology. I also had the opportunity to attend an American Heart Association discussion about the correlation between hypothermia and cardiac arrest. This year I gained a much greater awareness of medicine, community, and their overlaps. I hope to go back again next year!

Rush University Medical Center

Ginger’s Service Reflection

Last summer, I spent a week shadowing a cardiologist at Rush Medical Center in Chicago. I spent the first few days in a cath lab watching procedures. I watched some operations in the control room, and towards the end I was able to put on scrubs and watch from inside the room where the procedure was taking place. The procedure I watched most frequently consisted of ink being expelled into the valves of the heart through a catheter from the stomach. On the last day, we went to the patient center, where I sat in on doctor’s appointments. Although I was only there for a short while, I gained a more acute sense both of the work that doctors do as well as the hospital’s welcoming community. The week was a tremendous learning experience for me, and I feel very grateful to have been able to experience it. I look forwards to going back this summer!

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Ginger’s YPI reflection


Over the course of the project, I have become more aware of Mental Illness, my social issue, and the social issues of the people who’s presentations I watched. I became aware of how prominent our social issue is in New York City. I had always been instructed to think that Mentally Ill people were potentially dangerous, and should be avoided. While some mentally ill people can be dangerous, I had an unfair view that added to the stigma of mentally ill people. After visiting our organization and meeting the lovely and not at all dangerous members, I became aware of how the stigma that I had was completely unfair.

Although our group did not make it through to the final presentations, I did acquire some valuable skills in both working in a group and in presenting a powerpoint. In the future, I will be sure not to read off a script because it helps the audience to understand what the presenters are saying to a fuller extent and it helps the audience to comprehend the presentation to a fuller extent.