Jamie: God’s Love We deliver big love weekend

In February, a few friends and I volunteered for god’s love we deliver’s big love weekend. Big love weekend is a 3 day event where there are lots of fundraisers to raise money for gods love we deliver. If you didnt know, gods love we deliver is a charity that brings home cooked hot meals to people who are otherwise not able to get them. Some of the thigs I did were make lunch for the participants and also do some yoga. It was interesting. I never considered myself a “yogi”, but it was a fun new experience, sort of like twisting your body in the weirdest way while listening to soothing music. We also got to keep the yoga mat, which was an added bonus of doing service.

Service reflection — Finally!

At first, when my group decided to do teen pregnancy as a social issue, I was not very happy, as there had been several disagreements about deciding which social issue we would pursue. After having done work with my group, what was a negative attitude turned into a more positive one. I think I developed some good skills in working with groups and some public speaking skills. I found that making a convincing presentation and competing with my friends was rather challenging, but it was rewarding to see some of my classmates win the prize for their team. I think I will stay engaged with it by not becoming a teen parent.