Sigourney’s Service Reflection

The tenth grade participated in a chemistry project that dealt with the Flint Water Crisis. We were given many assignments and had to research different facts, terms, and general knowledge. We researched what the exact problem in Flint was, we also learned what lead is, and other important facts. We also did in class labs that further informed us of the different ways that chemicals react together. These labs later helped us in our final project. for our final project we were paired up in groups and assigned a topic about lead in water. My group was assigned the “Health Effects of Lead” topic. My group researched, on various medical websites, what lead does, in the short and long term, to your body. ¬†Once we completed the research we began to make a poster board for our presentation to the eighth graders. Our board was made up of information, statistics, and interactive sections. We really tried to stress how dangerous lead is to your body. We also had to complete a final individual project concerning lead. I chose the Water Contamination Lab. In this lab, I was given approximately 250 mL of dirty water taken from a river behind a fertilizer factory. I was then given three different chemical compounds and told to make to water as clean as possible. I completed the lab, but it was difficult because the lab was unguided. All in all this was a wonderful project to work on and very informative.

Sigourney’s YPI Service Reflection






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A photo of of the room where patients have group therapy.

Over the course of this project I have learned a lot of things. I learned to work better in a group over a longer period of time because we sometimes had difficulty getting in touch with eachother. I also learned better presentation skills, by the end of the project I had gotten a lot better at organizing a presentation and speaking in front of others. I found that the site visit was the most rewarding part of the project, though the research was certainly informative. The site visit really spoke to me because I got to see first hand where people went for help when they were addicted to a substance. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work on this project and am very happy that I had this experience.