Jack Fessenden’s Service Reflection: God’s Love We Deliver

I volunteered in the kitchen at God’s Love We Deliver this year. I chopped carrots, parsnips, and even some rutabagas. Luckily for me, I was spared from the onion-dicing station each time I visited. By volunteering at such a well-known New York City nonprofit, I was able to learn what it actually takes to get all of the food they ship out made. Moral was high. Even the “bleeders”, as they called them (I was one of them), would come back from a short nurse’s office visit with a bandaid and return to chopping. I gained a lot of knowledge about the nonprofit and its mission, as well as met and spoke with some dedicated volunteers who basically work for God’s Love, but without pay. I look forward to returning to God’s Love, and am proud to have found an organization with which to volunteer consistently.




Jack’s YPI Reflection



The Youth Philanthropy Initiative Project was a nice change of pace. It allowed us to take a step back from the dense history curriculum and focus more on social studies and issues of the present. I’ve always been very aware of homelessness in New York City and have tried to do little things to help like cooking for shelters, sparing change whenever I could, and giving out blankets during the holidays. Unfortunately, these efforts provide very short term benefits, and do not help to improve the social issue. Our group picked the Doe Fund as out non-profit organization for the reason that they teach the homeless to work and become self-sufficient so they can support themselves in a new life. In the various stages of presenting, I felt my public speaking skills improved dramatically, and behind the scenes, I learned to better work in a group and when to take a leadership position. When our team visited the Doe Fund’s Harlem location, we were exposed to the comradely and community of their organization and the men and women involved. I think I speak for my whole team when I say we were all quite touched and moved by the visit, and it ultimately motivated us through to the end of the project. Although the Doe Fund does not hold many public service events, I hope to stay informed as to what they are doing, and am ready and willing if the time for my help should arise.


Doe Fund’s Website: