CC’s Service Requirement

Over the summer I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Ecuador with a service group called MetoWe. I was able to see a third world country first hand. The experience really humbled me and allowed me to see how fortunate I am to go to such an amazing school. I met a lot of people, although some stood out more than others. Everyday for 2 weeks I worked with about 15 college and high school student to build a school in a small community called kanambu. One 7 year old boy really amazed me because he was worked just as hard as all of us in his only pair of shoes which were flip flops. We also learned that it doesn’t help a community to just go in build something’s then leave. It is all about sustainably. I would love to go on a trip like this again.




CC’s YPI reflection



My attitude toward my social issue has changed a little bit because I feel more educated and able to support my claims. I have been to an organization and have been able to see children who are affected by the failing public school system first hand. I already knew that my social issue was affecting kids all throughout New York City, but I never realized how serious this issue was. Without a proper education kids can’t succeed at life. When you think of a social issue my mind goes straight to homelessness,poverty and hunger. I knew this issue was bad, but I have finally realized that this is something that needs to change rapidly because it can easily causes so many other social issue. I developed a few skills while being on this project. The most important skill was probably time management and preparation. In order to successfully do this project you have to make sure your group didn’t save everything to the last minute. Your group had to make sure all the expectations were met and on time because you had the possibility of giving your organization money that they needed and possibly affect the lives of other kids.This project was so rewarding because we got to educate people about education. Even though our group did not win we got to teach others about how important education is. It was so nice to meet an organization and help ,others by just telling other kids about the problems we see.I found that the most rewarding part of this experience was how grateful the organization was. They knew that there was no guarantee that our group would win the money, but the people in the organization were really happy that we were even looking into this social issue. It was so nice to see that we could make a difference by just visiting City squash. I have plans for this summer, but in following years I would really love to volunteer and help kids learn. I couldn’t help with squash but I could help tutor other kids. We receive such a great education at Friends and I want to help others get at least half of the information I have gotten at our school.