Fortunate offerings to Less Fortunate

This summer I helped to bring leftover clothes, books, and toys from a  tag sale to Good Will. I worked for a neighboring Quaker meeting for about a week, coming and giving a hand to move these boxes of goods. I would sort out toys or clothes that were for age groups 9 and younger to go into another pile that would benefit Davanga School children. The remainder of the items were sent to either other Non-profit organizations or consignment stores where the reward money we received would go towards one of the meeting’s charity funds. This experience was both humbling and eye-opening. I realized how privileged I was first hand rather than just listening to my parents saying that I am. Most of the donated objects and articles of clothing were in great shape. I knew someone would have better uses for them than the previous owner did. The recipients of these” treasures” would care for them more and be very grateful. Just a small job of helping out my meeting was not only beneficial towards doing my yearly community service. I was also able to understand my parents remark about why I should cherish all that I own and realize there will always be less fortunate who are willing to claim that of which you want anymore. Rather than throwing out old belongings, everyone should look to donate and turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure.