In Class Flint Service Project

I really enjoyed learning about Flint and sharing the knowledge that I gained from my research with 5th and 8th graders. The United States has a huge problem with lead. Lead poisoning is not only a Flint problem it is a problem every where. During this project I learned that lead poisoning has occurred in California, Baltimore, and even upstate New York. Most of the places that are affected by lead are poor communities that are filled with a minority population. This really upset me which is why it was very important that this fact was mentioned in the presentations to the middle schoolers. The more people that know about the severity of lead poisoning as well as the United States problem with neglecting our poor minority communities, the more we as a community, city, and even nation can focus our attention on fixing these problems.

Ladaysia’s Y.P.I project

Before when I used to pass a homeless person on the street I would only think of the terrible smell or be scared that they would do something to me. However, after this project I do not just see homeless people as “bums” but as the people they are. After studying how drugs and mental illness can affect your life my sympathy for homeless people has increased. Many homeless people were not ultimately the cause of their homelessness and have no one to turn to. This project for me has humanized the homeless. Over the course of this project I ultimately learned effective ways of research. It also allowed me to develop my interviewing skills. Finding a non-profit however, was a difficult aspect of the project. It was very hard to find places that helped the specific social issue we had. The non-profit however, ended up shaping our social issue. I think that acquiring an understanding for a problem that many New Yorkers have was extremely rewarding and hopefully in the near future I will have the pleasure of volunteering at BRC.