Abey’s Habitat for Humanity Build

While I was in Jordan I went to a habitat for humanity build and helped build the walls of a house.  This was my first experience with service that I actually wanted to do, not just like all the other hours I did for the sole purpose of completing the service requirement.  Despite the grueling work of construction, seeing the walls grow and watching the construction site begin to resemble a home was extremely satisfying.

Abraham’s Service Reflection

This year I participated in a scientific study about teenage drug use.  The study was sponsored by the National Institutes of Health in partnership with the Food and Drug Administration.  This was the first time in my life that I had done service that had had any real meaning to me.  I felt as if I was contributing to a collective of data that would have large impacts on many people’s lives in the future.  This service helped me understand that, despite the feeling that service is mandatory and loses all meaning due to the school’s requirement of it it, community service could potentially lead to major positive changes in people’s lives

Abey YPI Reflection

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My group’s social issue was hunger and homelessness.  We decided to chose Trinity Church as our organization.  They help feed the homeless by serving lunch five times a week and by having an open food pantry for people to take food home.  Before working on this project I often ignored the homeless people that I would pass as I walked down the street, but after this project I have come to understand that most people just had a series of unfortunate events happen to them and ended up on the street.  I developed presentation skills during the long presses of making our website and power point and presenting them.  I will most likely remain involved with Trinity Church through volunteer work.