Yash Madan Service Reflection

Last Friday, I volunteered in helping out with D.R.A. Before the show started, I helped gather donations from people coming to watch the show, and I helped man the bake sale. I then stayed for the show which was really exciting because it was the first time I had been to a D.R.A performance. After it ended, I helped clean up, shut down the bake sale, and helped collect any last minute donations. It was a great experience watching, and helping with the show.

Yashs YPI

My YPI project was focused on helping unemployed veterans. My partnere were Lily, Kiki, Patrick, and Christian and our organization was called IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Before this project I knew that unemployment was a serious problem in the United States but not among veterans.

In this project I found going on our site visit very rewarding. It was great seeing what our organization had done. I found presenting it hard though because the class was not there with us and couldnt see what we saw in detail. Now that I know how much of a problem unemployment is among veterans, I am going to try to help this organization.

Yash’s Service Reflection for the St. James Church Dinner Service

On January 2nd, 2015, I volunteered to help with cooking, serving, and cleaning at the Saint James Church.¬†http://www.stjames.org/service/meal-programs/. This was my first out of school service done this year and it was very gratifying helping the homeless. We started by making food. We made shepard’s pie, salad, and brownies for the homeless. We then served all 75 of them. It was great seeing their eyes light up as we brought out the food. When serving them it felt gratifying looking at all of their happy faces seeing the fresh, delicious food. After everybody was finished with their food, we took their plates and cleaned up. Helping the needy is a very gratifying experience, and I am definitely going to help here again.