Friends Serve

A couple of weeks ago I went to friends serve, an event where many people came to serve the community. I went to styvusant park where I planted, depotted, and gave mulch to plants. This brought back memories of It’s my Park Day back in lower school. I love working outside and this event is a great way for the community to come together.

My Summer in Argentina

This past summer, I went to Argentina, where I taught English and learned about Argentine and Mapuche Culture. I first took the 31 hour trip to Villa Pehuenia, a village of 2000 in the Andes Mountains


When I arrived I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity and genuine interest that the people expressed. I lived with a woman named Sandra. A little back story, my mom went to Argentina with a program called AFS, American Field Service, when she was 16. She lived with Sandra’s mom, but Sandra and my mom are both the same age. Anyway, I began to go to school there, eat incredible food, and teach English in the English Institute. I taught twice a week for 4 hours and I helped the students, most of whom also were in regular school with me, with grammar and vocab. I thought that this experience was absolutely incredible because I was able to live in another part of the world with such a different culture. The level of poverty there was very apparent, but everyone was nice and EXTREMELY generous. Teaching English was very humbling, because I was able to give a gift in exchange for the Spanish and culture that I was learning. I also felt so proud to be able to teach people about America and be listened to. I am thrilled that Sandra and one of her son’s is coming to America in December. I hope that you all can meet him. If you want to learn more about what I did there, not just about my school experience, visit

Max’s YPI Reflection

For my YPI project, I worked with Part of the Solution, or POTS which is based in the Bronx and feeds the people who are food insecure. Before this project my opinion towards hunger within New York was that it was not an important issue; on the contrary the opposite is true. Hunger in New York is much more dense than the nation average. I now understand the importance of this issue and its effects. I developed better group working skills, this is what was hardest for me. Working as a group and working at a pace of multiple people was hard for me as I like to work quickly. I rather than only working at POTS will try to work at more homeless shelters as that is where most help is needed. All in all I loved this project because it took a break from the history curriculum and focused on current events, but not in a passive manner. It allowed us to actively stop the crises that affect our world today. I hope that projects like these will be continued throughout my high school career.