Rizzo Beach Clean up

Early this year I went to the Rockaways with a group from friends for a beach cleanup. I have always loved the beach and have had a lot of respect for the ocean, my family being surfers and all, so I was happy to be out there potentially saving a turtle’s life. The day was beautiful and was a great example of how service can be so fulfilling because I got a break from Manhattan and was able to enjoy the salt air and sand.

Ale’s service reflection

In January of this year, I participated in the Women’s March in Washington DC. It was an amazing experience. I was a part of something that will go down in history, surrounded by millions standing for women’s rights around the world. It was extremely empowering and even a little emotional. I hope to continue going on marches like the Women’s March in the future so I can hopefully bring about some change!

Alessandra’s Service Reflection: Coaching Underprivileged Kids

I volunteered at an organization called City in the Community (http://www.nycfc.com/community/about). I coached soccer to young kids in Chinatown. I really loved the experience, the kids were great and I really appreciated the opportunity to mix soccer and service. I also feel like I myself grew from the service, as I gained skills with dealing with young kids and skills on how to coach.

YPI Project Safe Horizon


For my YPI project I advocated Safe Horizon, an organization that helps runaway teens. The most rewarding part of the project was the end when we got to present all our hard work. By the end, you become really connected to the organization and the social issue on a personal issue. The whole process, getting to know the directors, visiting the organization’s Harlem location, seeing those that Safe Horizon helps made me really passionate about our issue. Before this project I had never thought about runaways and how they affect NYC. Now I know how big of an issue it is, especially in cities like NYC. I was very glad that I had the opportunity to spread this awareness with our presentation and to raise $350 for the organization.