Sam’s Work With The Samaritans

For our YPI Project my group Fouad Dawkar, Sabrina Debler, Beatrice Findlay, and Justin Rubino chose to address the issue of suicide in New York. The organization we chose was The Samaritans who work on many ways of suicide prevention.  The main way that really struck me is their suicide prevention hotline.  I always knew about these hotlines and how they worked, but never truly understood that if handled the right way it could save someones life.  I also came to understand how the people calling may feel and come to sympathize with them rather than wondering why they would do such a thing.  Though we did not get that far in the YPI competition I feel I learned a lot about my organization as well as the difference we can make through service.  This project helped teach me about The Samaritans and about the importance of service and that I work for what I believe in.