Bookie’s Summer ’16 Service Opportunity

Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center Waiting Room

This summer I volunteered at the Safe Horizon Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center. I was there for  4  weeks in total, volunteering Mondays and Tuesdays from 9-5 and Thursdays from 12-8. I have always been interested in psychology so any experience in the field really interests me. 

During my  days at the BCAC , I would offer my assistance to anyone who needed help, especially a CFS, a Clinical Forensic Specialist, because they were always on their feet working on multiple cases. A lot of the time I would supervise children and engage them in the play area. This gave me the opportunity to have more experience with little kids. In the office, I helped with scanning and filing charts electronically, which allowed me to improve on my organization skills.  I would also conduct research for the clinical forensic specialists’ team on organizations, their missions and contact persons. This also allowed me to improve on my research skills. I prepared data and outcome for expedited case reviews by arranging the information appropriate for management meeting. This let me have an “in” with the live cases to understand more about the line of work but always in a professional  manner so to keep all the information confidential. Lastly, I would often help organize therapeutic rooms to create a safe and friendly environment for clients during their weekly or monthly visits.


I really enjoyed my volunteer experience at the Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center. The staff  help so many parents and children- the work they do is amazing.

Bookie’s Out of School Service Reflection – Magnan Metz Gallery

Over the course of a few weeks, I helped put up and take down the Friends Seminary Art show, SPICES, at the Magnan Metz Gallery.  The art pieces displayed were created by students, alumni, and parents from the Friends Seminary Quaker community because “S.P.I.C.E.S” derives from the Quaker values (Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship) that are the main core principles currently followed by Friends Seminary. When putting up the art, I, alongside other students and my advisor, Jesse Pasca, used hammers, drills, screws, and balancers to make sure the gallery looked very visually pleasing. When we had finished, it gave me great satisfaction to see the end result because we had worked both mentally and physically hard. It was also nice to see how talented the Friends community is as a whole and it was a great feeling to realize how many talented people I was/ am surrounded by. About two weeks passed and the show was ready to close. Jesse Pasca and I took down all the art pieces and wrapped them to give back to the artists or the art collectors. Because we did this on the night before school ended, it made me realize that all good things must come to an end.

History YPI Project Experience: Bookie Schwartz

safe horizon



For our YPI project, my group’s non-profit organization was Safe Horizon which focused on the social issue Teen Runaways. The aspect of the project that I found most rewarding was getting to inform all of my fellow classmates about Teen Runaways and how Safe Horizon helps these teens who fled or were kicked out of their homes. This project required a lot of effort in and out of school like finding information about Teen Runaways, emailing back and forth with Safe Horizon, and going on our site visit where we met with a woman named Carolyn Strudwick.  When we had our final presentation on service day, it felt very rewarding to come in 3rd place. However,  I personally wish to raise more money for Safe Horizon’s Streetwork project and I want to continue volunteering for them and help out any way that I can.