Chris’s Service for the Friends Shelter

This year one of the things that I had the opportunity to do again was assisting in preparing meals for the Friends Shelter. I got to plan, purchase, and prepare meals for the shelter. I really enjoy doing this because it both gives me the opportunity to do something that I love and to help people who are less fortunate than I. I have done this every year so far but as the years have progressed, so have my cooking skills as well as my independence in the planning of the meals.

Chris’s Service Reflection

For service day this year I had the opportunity to help out in a food bank in West Harlem. We helped bag fresh vegetables and assisted the customers with getting their food. It was a great opportunity to see all of the different people who use this service and have the chance to interact with them in English and a little Spanish.

Chris’s Cooking for the Friends Shelter

This year I had the opportunity to prepare meals for the Friends Shelter. I made a few meals throughout the year. Things like baked ziti and chili. It feels good to provide food for people who don’t have the privilege to get a hot meal every day. I also love to cook so it was a fun experience. I also had the opportunity to learn more about the Flint Water Crisis. It’s very sad what is happening and that the government isn’t doing anything to help.

Chris’s Service Reflection

My group looked at lack of early education in NYC. You never really think about how many people can’t afford or get education because of how privileged we are. We go to a great school and learn from great teachers, but how would our lives be if we couldn’t go to school? Finding the Bloomingdale Family Program wasn’t very hard because we had a connection with them. We tried to look at any other possibility, but in the end, we knew that the Bloomingdale Family Program was right. When we went to there site, we got to see the classrooms and some of the children. From just seeing the place, you couldn’t guess that it was any different from the next school. The classrooms were well organized and all of the kids’ pictures contained smiling kids. I always knew that getting early education was an issue; however, I now put more thought into it. A skill that I developed during this project was making and presenting a presentation. I hope that I will be able to continue helping the program and perhaps even go to one of their alumni events that they have every year.