Jeremiah’s Service Project

Participating in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative opened my eyes to the world in a whole new way.  My project was drug abuse and mental illness amongst the homeless. In New York City we see tens if not hundreds of homeless people in the span of one week, and my partners and I tried to advocate for the homeless by explaining that many of them suffer with real illnesses. Traveling to the Bowery Residence Committee wasn’t only fun because I got to meet and help the staff, but it was also fun because I had learned new facts and heard touching stories from people who have lived on the street.  Another great thing about what we as grade did is that even though we had the chance to speak on the behalf of a specific topic we also got to hear the topics of others. In my opinion no ones topic was more important than the other because all of them were prevalent issues. This year I feel like service has been a big part of my school year and I’m very thankful for that.