Trinidad & Tobago

This summer the boys & girls varsity soccer teams went down to Trinidad and Tobago. We participated in a tournament, traveled around the island and ran a clinic for underprivileged kids on the island. On the last day we woke up early and set off for Mount Pleasant on the island of Tobago. When we got there we unloaded the eight duffle bags of equipment, cleats and clothing for the kids. We set up drills and activities for the kids to participate in. Around 9:00am a flurry of kids rushed onto the field. They were all different ages and looked excited to participate in the clinic. During the clinic I took videos of the Friends kids playing with the kids from Tobago. After the clinic ended we handed out cleats, balls and clothing to the kids who needed it the most. After all the equipment was distributed we watch as the kids ran back to their parents to show off their new stuff. I really enjoyed this experience and have privileged enough to do it twice now. It defiantly will be a trip I never forget.

Bonding in Tobago

During the last week of August the mens varsity soccer team were lucky enough to travel to Tobago. This trip held meaning for us because we were traveling to our coaches hometown (Warren Salandy and Sherwin O’Neill). We played local teams and did many different activities on the island, like snorkeling and cliff jumping. As well as having fun and playing games we brought soccer equipment to the island for coaches, players and teams. During some of the days on the island we ran clinics for schools and club teams on the island. At the end we would donate some of the equipment. Seeing what we could do and what impact we could make┬ámade me very joyful. By the end of the trip most of the island knew who we were. Our captain went to a TV station to conduct an interview with our coaches and David Lieber. Overall this experience was very fulfilling to what the Friends community stands for.

Nonprofit – Kleats For Kids

Rocco Danese

YPI Project – Covenant House

During the last few months myself and my group have been working with the Covenant house. We have been trying to create funding for youth homelessness since we believe it is such a big issue in New York City. We went on a site visit to meet the staff and the youth that lived there. We were impressed with the amount of time and energy that was put into this issue. I personally found it challanging to raise money for our charity. The amount of time you have to put in to your foundation is a lot and can be sometimes stressful. Also the competition for grants is at a very high standard. Throughout the day I witnessed 10 different groups present for their charity. Each group had a good reason and a good cause to donate to their charity, but by being able to raise money for our charity and see the impact it creates on the community makes it worth it all in the end. I didn’t find a really big connection from World History 1 to this YPI project. It did not seem very relevant to what we were learning. Although I can sort of make a connection with early societies that had charity as well to support their small communites they were creating thousands of years ago.