Working with my Church

Over the summer and during the winter, I was able to give food and supplies to people in need with my Church. I was able to learn about their life struggles and learned to appreciate both my beautiful privileges and my struggles. I learned a lot about different people and myself. I am very grateful for this experience.

Reading Partners

I enjoyed reading Partners very much because I am pretty good at reading and believe it is a very valuable skill. Because I feel this way, I volunteered to help struggling kids learn how to read by trying to hone basic reading skills. I worked with a young boy named Hayden and he excited me because I reminded me of myself when I was younger. I was able to connect with him deeper tans eventually get him in a better place than we started. It was a enlightening experience.


My attitude towards the project was that I was very happy to participate in helping NYC because it is so big but I still feel like I am making a difference.

I believe it was worth my time even though I did not make it to the first round. I am glad that this was my first time working with a charity before. It was very lightening.

Brownsville Youth Court

My time at Brownsville was very enlightening for me as I got to connect with kids on another level than ever before. I found that I love seeing smiles on their faces when they accomplish something. It has led me to begin working for F.A.T after school with younger kids. I got to help them when they did not understand what was going on. Then shortly after, they succeeded in their attempt. I learned a lot about myself through volunteering on multiple occasions.