Walter’s YPI Experience


In what ways has your attitude toward your social issue changed over the course of the project?

In the beginning of this project, I understood that Innovation for Cancer Treatement was a major concern but I had not quite internalized how serious it was. Then as the project progressed I did more research on the cause of pediatric cancer and read more stories about children who had lost their lives from this deadly disease and it began to affect me on a more emotional level. This was especially true after meeting with the director of the charity. This motivated me to work harder on my presentation to make my charity receive the $5,000 grant.

What communication skills did you develop over the course of the project?

I think this project taught me a lot in commnuication. Being able to communicate with proffessional adults is a very underrated skill and this project gave me a lot of practice with that.
What aspect of the project did you find most challenging? rewarding?

I found the beginning stages challenging when we had to use our sharred values to think of a topic that we all connected with in some way. Then we had to take this topic and find a charity that met the ypi standards. For me, since our sharred value of innovation was borad, I found it difficult to come up with a local cause that incorporated this value. Then we had to find a good charity that funded innovation in this cause which was also tough.
How might you remain engaged with your social issue or non-profit organization?

Our organization has four main fundraising events that they work pretty hard on. I am going to go to these events and participate. For example one event is a walk, that I think would be really fun to go to with friends and raise a lot of awareness for the charity.

My organization is Hope and Heroes at Columbia Unniversity Hospital.