Amanda’s experience with the Mitzvah Corps

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity of volunteering with the Mitzvah Corps. I went on a three and a half week trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos with 15 other kids my age. For over two weeks we stayed in a small village in Ecuador called Chilcapamba. We housed with a family of the community that was very welcoming. While we stayed there, everyday during the week we would hike over a mile to their work site. There we were helping them with their water supply. Since the village was on different levels, the water at the top of the village was having a hard time getting to the bottom of the village. We helped them by digging for hours every day to put new pipes into the ground for water. Once the pipes were placed, we then had to work to cover them up. The work was tiring, but it also felt very rewarding. We were working right along side members of the community, digging trenches with hour shovels and hoes. Our work made an impact on the community by helping families get water faster and I feel grateful that I was able tohelp make a difference. 

YPI Service Reflection

What communication skills did you develop over the course of the project?
I feel that I developed better communications skills over the course of this project. I learned how to speak better in front of an audience from presenting multiple times. I also developed better communication skills from the site visit and getting to meet new people involved in my organization. Also from watching my classmates to present, I got to witness good things to do when presenting and bad things. I learned that eye contact is very important with you audience, also speaking loud, clear and confidently. Overall, it was a good learning experience communication wise and I think I developed better skills.

How might you remain engaged with your social issue or non-profit organization?
I might remain engaged with my social issue by getting involved with my non-profit organization. I am now aware of the events the my organization holds, like their Central Park Challenge where I can run or walk to raise money. I can also donate myself to the organization. I am glad that I am more educated about the topic I chose and glad to be aware of the many good things that my organization does.