Terry’s Service Blog

I went to the Climate March in Washington DC on April 29th. It was a great experience as seeing so many people are fighting against Trump’s ignorance in saving the climate. We only have one planet Earth and it is necessary to make Earth sustainable. We, as citizens, are obligated to whatever we can to prevent the climate from getting worse. And that includes opposing any political figure such as the president who is unwilling to pay any attention to the aggravating climate problems. During that particular march, I learned that as long as the people are united, we can still save our planet. This is the power of humanity.

YPI New York Immigration Coalition

Our non-profit organization is called NYIC, New York Immigration Coalition. The website is: http://www.thenyic.org


We were inspired by a presentation about Syrian Refugees in our school. So we decided to work on the problems caused by the lack of leadership in Immigration. My attitude changed when I heard that most of new immigrants do not speak English well, which potentially decreases their chance of getting a job. I used to think that immigrants moved to America because they are wealthy, and they must’ve learned English very well. Yet that turns out to be completely wrong. Without th ability to speak the common language of this country, immigrants do not have their keys to this culture. I sympathize those who just moved to Amarica yet are helpless.  When we looked into this problem, the most challenging aspect is that most people only care about how illegal immigration cause troubles in US, while not paying any attention to the legal immigrants who are struggling in their lives.

From this project, I obtained not only the knowledge of that immigrants need leaders(leadership, such as organization that at least care about them when they are in trouble), but also skills of presenting and communicating with a non-profitable organization(about how to better understand their goals and incentives that keep them going forward).

From this project, I learned a lot about American culture(immigrants from all over the world, and how they may change the future(which is also history). Thus YPI project is well connected to our World History curriculum.