Piper’s Precalc Work

I worked on a project for my precalculus class with Ben Frisch. For this project I interviewed my great uncle who is over 65 and lived in NYC for most of his life and entered data into a class collection to observe changes in demographics in NYC over time specifically about people over 65. I developed skills with predicting values and learned about the benefits of and challenges of living in NYC as an older person.

Piper’s Summer Library Volunteering

This summer I volunteered at the New York Public Library¬†Ottendorfer Branch in my neighborhood over the course of about a month. I helped out with shelving, organizing, and pulling books for call lists as well as helping out with youth programs such as movie screenings and book parties like the “Arnie the Donut book party”. I also took part in a group for middle schoolers learning to use programming and develop computer games after school once a week. I met so many interesting people and got to connect to my neighborhood community through this experience and plan to go back this summer and maybe this school year as well.

Piper’s Service Reflection

This year’s service day, I went to a facility that packaged medical supplies going out to countries in need. It was intense to see some of the supplies that had to be packaged and sorted because it made me think about what would have to happen to people for them to need things like a huge wound dressing or a breathing tube. Not only do these people need supplies because they are struggling, but the fact that they can not go to a hospital and expect these supplies to be available like we can is something to think about in terms of waste and privilege.

YPI reflection

This projects was a really incredible learning opportunity for me. My group and I learned key communication skills and the importance of following up and keeping connections strong with our contacts. This project was maybe the most influential unit of the year, and I have learned to demonstrate public speaking, communication, and listening skills through The YPI project. I plan on volunteering at my non profit over the summer if possible, and keeping the organization in my life. I feel incredibly strongly about reproductive/sexual healthcare access so I am proud to have represented it and will continue to do so.