Felix’s Experience with Creative Art Start

Over the summer, I volunteered at Creative Art Start, an art camp in the city for younger children. I focused on helping kids make their own movies. I taught and helped them use cameras and other equipment, as well as doing the final editing and visual effects for the films. I really enjoyed being able to instill my passion for film making in the students and teach them new skills that they will be able to make use of later on. I often got really invested in their projects, and always wanted to make sure the final product was something I’d be proud of too.

Felix’s Experience at the Climate March

On Saturday, April 29th I went to Washington DC to participate in the People’s Climate March. I had never been to an event like this, and it was interesting to see a demonstration first hand. I had recently visited DC before the march, and it was funny seeing all the landmarks again. I wasn’t expecting for the crowds to be as big as they were, and I’d never seen so many people in one place before. Despite the huge crowds and high temperatures, it was a fun experience overall.