Varsity Soccer Trip to Tobago

At the end of August, the Boys and Girls varsity soccer teams went on a trip to Tobago. I could not play soccer because of a leg injury, but it was still a great experience to see the team play and explore the island. Our team played three games, and although the scoreboard may not have been in our favor it helped us grow as a team. In the middle of the trip, we held a clinic in which we donated all of the soccer related goods we had been collecting and did drills with a group of a t least 50 local kids aged 8-18. Although I could not participate in the drills, I helped organize all of the goods and distributed them after the workout was over. It was a great experience to be able to give back to and workout with many of the local kids that we had been playing against the past few days.

Coastal Cleanup

Last weekend I attended a coastal cleanup at Far Rockaway Beach. When we got there, the beach was much cleaner than I expected it to be, and there were people swimming and surfing already. We were then briefed on the different types of trash; garbage, hard plastic, and recycling. Along with a small group of friends, I walked on the beach and sorted any trash I found. I was very surprised on how much trash there actually was, since the beach looked very clean from the boardwalk. After an hour of cleaning up, we regrouped and were able to enter two contests. The first was the weird trash contest (which was won by a broken skateboard), and the second was to guess how much trash we all collected. I was astonished that we collected over 150 lbs. of trash in that short of a time. Then we got free grilled cheese from a food truck as a thank you for our effort.

This coastal cleanup really opened my eyes to how much trash there is on beaches, and how that can effect the life in the ocean. I had a very good experience and hope to continue to volunteer in coastal cleanups.

Denis’s Experience at the People’s Climate March

On Saturday, April 29th I participated in the People’s Climate March in Washington D.C. Although it was not fun to have to wake up at 5 AM on a Saturday, take a four hour bus ride, and march in 90Âș weather, I thought the experience was worth it. It was my first time being in D.C. since I was about 7 years old, and was great to see the city. It was my first time at a march of this size, and I really felt involved in the movement. The march had a lasting impression on me, and I hope I can continue to go to events such as this.











What communication skills did you develop over the course of the project?

I really improved upon my public speaking, even though I was a bit nervous at times.
What aspect of the project did you find most challenging? rewarding?

The most challenging part was to construct our first wiki page, but after that it was smooth sailing  Continue reading